For the culture cookout


By Queen Nkwain

As the warmer weather and end of the school year are approaching several of the organizations at Towson University, National Council for Negro Women (NCNW) for example, are hosting cultural cookouts.

Alexis Alexander is going to be the new president of the National Council for Negro Women. She is currently a junior who has been serving on the NCNW board and ran for president this semester, as the old president is soon graduating. Putting this cookout together has been one of her biggest tasks as a member of the organization so far .

“We made sure that performers that we chose were diverse in background. They needed to show different cultures in order to go with the theme and name of the event which happens to be cookout for the culture,” said Alexis Alexander, 20, the President of Towson’s section of the National Council of Negro Women.

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One of the main reasons for having this cookout was to create an open space where people from various backgrounds and cultures could come together and have a good time. “Although the name of the organization sounds limiting I wanted everyone to feel included and welcomed if they were considering joining. And even if they were not considering it before, I wanted to appeal to them in a way that they would be left with such a good impression that they would have to at least consider it,” said Alexis Alexander.

The performances included some of the Greeks on campus. For example the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, a hip hop dance group, a spoken word poet from Loyola University and others performed at the cookout. ” Diversity is a key part of any good standing organization and event,” said Alexis Alexander.


Being able to bring people together is something Alexis feels a good president should be able to do. “One of my biggest motivations for this cookout was the diverse group of people that I see around Towson University everyday. I wanted us to create an inclusive atmosphere ending this semester so we could start off next semester strong or at least off to a good start,” said Alexis Alexander. She then went on to say why it was important to her. “Although putting together this cookout was not an easy task, I had to as President because I now have to carry on the great name of this organization,” said Alexis Alexander.

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As fun as it is to go to a cookout for food and socialization, it is also an exposure to different people and cultures.



HanahwithoneN: Passion for Fashion


By Queen Nkwain

There are several creative outlets which can be used to express their ideas, interests, beliefs and views on life and the outlet that Hanah uses is her fashion blog called HanahWithOneN.

Hanah Foy created her blog HanahWithOneN in the spring of 2016. Previous to the creation of this blog, during her freshman year in college, she had another one which was co-owned called inmytwoeyes. After that blog became inactive she created a website called, which she ran on her own for a year.

“To embrace every aspect of my name and who I am, I made the decision to title my new blog HanahWithOneN not only to stop everyone from spelling my name wrong, but show how much I have come to accept all the unique aspects about me,” said Hanah Foy, 20, the creator of HanahWithOneN.

One of the main reasons Hanah decided to become part of the blogging world has to do with passion for fashion. This is an area which she has had an interest in from a young age. With her style constantly evolving and changing, she felt it would be beneficial to create something that others could utilize while she learned as well. “I’ve always been into fashion and I thought that a blog would be a good platform to learn more about fashion at my own pace,” said Hanah Foy. However, her blog also has other topics like health and fitness and her travels.

The artistic flair on Hanah’s blog is enhanced by the locations she chooses to capture her outfits in. They add to the aesthetic and visual appeal of the outfit as well. “I enjoy having dramatic backgrounds or just beautiful scenery when I do photo shoots because it enhances the artistic perspective,” said Hanah Foy.

One of her biggest motivations to keep blogging was, “I am a strong believer of working hard for what you want in life. I want to be someone who inspires people to be their best. To me, life is not about finding yourself, but creating the best version of you that there could ever possibly be,” said Hanah Foy. She then went on to explain how she stays true to her vision. “I know what I want my blog to symbolize and as much as I do care about the responses I receive, I’m not changing it for anyone,” said Hanah Foy.

As interesting events happen while blogging, it is not just confined to any one topic or view and you create your vision to follow your passion.


The Maryland Home & Garden show opens doors to home owners


By Queen Nkwain

There are different ways, with the help of experts, that someone can decorate or remodel their home in order to set a specific or desired atmosphere.

The Maryland Home & Garden show is located at the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium, Baltimore. It is an event where hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of people meet. The purpose of the March show is marking the end of winter by displaying beautiful gardens and home improvement contractors.

“The most vital step with helping someone who wants to have work done on their house is by having a conversation with them. Some people come in and see the more fancy, high tech things and forget that it’s not only about the look but also the functions. I usually have to actually listen and understand what I can steer them towards that would give them good functionality,” said Rick Montana, 38, a worker at Bray & Scarff.

The Bray & Scarff exhibit, had the advantage of being a company that is located in the area. They spoke about how they are top contenders because like accessibility. They provide unique services like their two door oven.

The oven would be beneficial for creating a comfortable atmosphere by providing an unusual type of functionality. People would be able to take something straight out of the oven without the interference of the oven door.

“Most people remodel their homes in some way at least once in their life time. It can be big projects from changing the whole bathroom to small projects like changing a counter top. Anything that make things more customized to their style,” said Michelle Henderson, 35, a worker at Thompson Creek.

Becoming or being a home owner can usually be a chance for someone to customize the space that they are in. No one wants to be in an uncomfortable environment. However, there are various ways that a person can customize their space.

It typically does not have to be limited to furniture. The choices range from the windows of any room to the counter tops in the kitchen or from the oven and refrigerator to a disability accessible bath tub.

“I consider many things when creating the ideal atmosphere for my home. It is all about the visual that I am going for. I attend this exhibit because they give me ideas for the colors, shapes and designs that are tactile and visually appealing to my senses,” said Rosa Diaz, 27, visitor at the exhibit.

At the end of the day everyone has a certain vision for crating their unique space. However, the most important thing to remember is that “Home is where the heart is.”